Reviewing the First Class of Digital Deepak Internship Program

Komal Merwani
5 min readMay 23, 2020

I was just scrolling across my Instagram account, when I landed on Deepak Sir’s profile, I surfed more and got to know about the Later I joined one of his webinars about the Internship Program and he just spoke so easily about making money online and I was awestruck. So before we dive into the learnings from the first class, I would like to share about how the Internship program works.

About the Internship Program

It’s a mixture of learning and earning, where we pay a particular sum to start the internship and start getting back all the money we paid and the bonuses if we perform well i.e. complete the tasks given along the internship program. Well the idea behind this structure is to make ourselves work as we have our money on stake and it’s pretty exciting to get back whatever you have invested and at the same time you get to learn something. Moreover his vision is to create Digital Marketing Experts and transform people. It’s the platform where you learn and get to implement your knowledge so that it stays with us in the form of an experience.

Well, do not believe in what I am saying, just go through these review videos from the people who have already completed the internship program, you will definitely know the transformation this internship has brought in lives of the participants.

The First Class of Internship

In the first lecture we were taught about the general requirements of becoming a Digital Marketer and the Fundamentals of Marketing. And at the very first place lies our goals, like what we are going to market or what is our online information product, what achievement set have we build for ourselves(For eg. a blogger, marketing expert, agency owner or a freelancer) and most importantly we need to understand our customers. Below I have shared some pointers about my understandings from the very first class.

Have something of value to the market

Here comes in the concept of Niche Development, where we first make a self-assessment about what are we good at? For instance, if I am very much interested in gaming and have some sincere knowledge about gaming laptops or other devices related to it, I can share my knowledge about the products and recent games launched or about the graphics that are needed and many more things through my blogs. And obviously I will be putting my hundred percent effort into it because of two things; first it’s my area of interest and I can relate to it more effectively and give valuable advice to my potential customers who can turn into my customers/readers.

Moreover, Deepak sir talks about personal branding, which you can read about from the following link-

Finding the Market Demand

The first challenge is to find the market demand; with niche development it’s important to know whether your product/content has a market value. For this it’s important to talk to the customers who are the consumers and will help you to make better products and the content.

Importance of Communication and Building Mass Trust

So the very first fundamental of marketing is to know your customers and developing mass trust. We do this by building communities, where we collect like-minded people together, we discuss the needs of the present, potential, and prospective customers. We can only sell better when we know about the needs of the customers.

Moreover mass trust could be built through personal branding, where we talk about our character and personality on social media, because it would help in creating connections with our readers/customers. It will make people feel, that they are communicating with a person rather than a brand.

The Basic Skillset needed to become a successful Marketer

On the top of the list, lie the communication skills, because to market we need to communicate. So one needs to excel in the communication part, he shared some simple tips like- to start writing 500–2000 words on random topics to be comfortable with creating the content. And watching Sitcoms and listening to the podcasts could be useful.

The second important skill is having basic knowledge about economics, for which he recommended some books by authors like Paul Krugman or Raghuram Rajan. It’s important to know how the economy works in accordance to earn.

Following the Integrated Digital Marketing Model

The digital marketing alone is the combination of various activities which are to be taken care of. It contains various components that collectively help to market the product in an effective way. The figure is given below (from the class), explains how the cycle of marketing a product works-

So the center of the process is our content/product which we are going to market, and for this we first search for the people who are interested in our content/product, we build communities, build mass trust and then start sharing our content amongst them and to attract and reach more and more people, we start promoting and posting about it on social media platforms after which comes in the frame email marketing, paid marketing like the use of Google ads or Facebook ads and the search engine optimization. And at the end, we sell and convert the consumer of our content/product into our customers. Here we follow the CATT model i.e., Content, Attention, Trust, and Transaction. The whole process works like a funnel, where we step by step complete the procedure of digital marketing by working on each component.

Am I satisfied with the first class?

By now you must have got a bird view of the internship program. It really is a transforming internship program, where you get a digital expert as your mentor. And the very first class has been so productive, motivating, and full of excitement to learn, explore, and implement. Overall I am very much satisfied with the program and I am assured that I am investing my time and energy in the right direction.